Pronounced Dee A Ow or DAO. DAO stands for Distributed Autonomous Organisation.

taking care of

Infrastructure Maintenance of a learning environment.

Provisioning, Migration and Destruction of DNS and VMs.

Accountancy of Bitcoin, Bank, ... funds in- as well as outbound.

Issuing Content Signatures for IPNS updates.

Issue Capability Tokens


It is a relatively new term and the definition is still unsettled.

DAO is software which governs and organisation by a number of rules expressed in programming language Cryptographic Contracts. For example DAO can consist a set of rules of accepting new members, issuing perissions to members, basically any event which has to do with the changes in the organisation as a dybamic system.

This page will evolve as I learn more about the concept. For practical examples see notes about DAO on my personal Wiki.

Since a year back DAOs - Distributed Autonomous Organisations became a bit of a buzzword. These notes are result of conversations about DAOs with Andreas and Dennis who built DApps and DAOs since early 2014.